January 7, 2022

Style Your Hair and Carrier with Hair Dressing Courses at FTV Salon Academy!!!!!!

Style Your Hair and Carrier with Hair Dressing Courses at FTV Salon Academy!!!!!!

Whenever we want something to change with respect to our looks, the first thing we think of is getting a haircut. A slight transformation helps us to get a fresh new look and sometimes also a new perspective. With the right hairdresser, who understands your style and requirements at the moment, you can get the best transformation ever.

We, in India, lack the etiquettes that salons at a global level have. There is a rise in salons failing every year because the staff there cannot provide services that fulfil their customers’ requirements. There are various facilities that our salons do not even provide. 

FashionTV has been in the beauty and wellness industry since 1997. With F Salon Academy we have decided to save the future of salons by providing quality manpower. We have a series of courses that focus on practical learning. These courses can help students get a job right after their completion.

Hair Styling, the first step for any makeover:

The term hair styling is quite self-explanatory. It involves the styling, transformation and cutting of hair in a way desired by the customer. There are various different ways of styling like curling, straightening, trimming, blow-drying as well as colouring your hair. Students get to learn a lot in this course and there are new things to study every day. 

F Salon Academy’s Hair School:

F Salon Academy’s beauty and wellness center has specially introduced hairdressing courses, makeup courses, beauty courses, nail art courses and other 100+  courses. We offer 100% hybrid coaching facilities here. Students can attend lectures in class, at the closest academies nearby to get the physical feel of a classroom. There are also various recorded videos as well as live webinars that students can attend. We provide diploma, degree and certification courses. At the end of these, students get a certificate from the higher education body of France that has value all around the world.

Following is the list of some of the courses we offer:

  • Advanced Certification Course in Hair Technology
  • Certificate Course in Hair Technology
  • Hair Styling and Hair Cutting Courses
  • Men’s Hair Designing
  • Advanced Hair Cutting
  • Hairdressing Courses


For the students who have some experience in this field, but no certificate to prove it, have designed the RPL Matrix. RPL or Recognised Prior Learning Matrix is an AI tool built after a lot of research. It helps students decide what course is good for them. This way they save time by not going through the same things again.


We also have the F Salon Home Services program which provides students with freelancing opportunities in the duration of the hairdressing course. This helps them with hands-on experience to practice what they are learning. It may also work as their first step towards financial freedom.

Our courses are for around 1 to 6 months and cost ₹25k to ₹2lacs based on the course you select. This is only an investment because the courses are designed such that you are bound to get a job after their completion. 

What the future holds…

Hairdressers have a vast variety of options to select from when it comes to a career. Here are some of which they can explore:

  • Employees in a salon
  • Film industry
  • Backstage of various fashion shows or theatres
  • Owners of salons
  • Teach hairstyling or hairdressing to students
  • Judges of various international or national competitions

Why F Salon Academy?

We prepare you for job interviews not only by providing practical course material, but also by arranging interviews during the courses. 

We encourage students to take up internships during the course.

We provide them with scholarships and loan extensions. Students as well as alumni can use it to participate in competitions as well as to start their own business. 

We also have the learn now, pay later program where students can start the course and pay their fees later. 

The lifetime skill upgradation program ensures that even after students graduate, we still have their back. Students can access the majority of our courses as well as ask for advice from the faculty as well as consultants at F Salon Academy even after the completion of their course.

The F Salon Professional Series provides students with high quality makeup at an affordable range. They are encouraged to experiment with it during the course. This also helps them get used to the makeup of international standards.

Fashion Tv has its network in 190+ countries worldwide. It is among the top 10 fashion luxury brands and the 4th most popular channel in the fashion genre. F Salon being a venture of FashionTV Paris ensures that students who are interested get help with international jobs, visas as various other things.

So take your first right step for a future in the beauty and wellness sector with F Salon Academy.

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