December 3, 2021

Secrets Of Celebrity Makeup Artists

Secrets Of Celebrity Makeup Artists

Excellence is not an art, it is a habit of practice. When it comes to makeup, practice is the only solution to have mastery over the craft. A makeup artist is required to spend long hours to achieve perfection in their craft and that’s what differentiates between a celebrity makeup artist and a normal makeup artist. Instead of doing makeup courses from renowned salon academies like FTV Salon Academy, it requires countless effort and regular practice to enter into show business and become a celebrity makeup artist. Here, we have brought some of the makeup tips of celebrity makeup artists. While brushing up your skill, you should apply those tricks to experience the difference on your own.

Oily Skin Too Need Moisturization

For oily skin, moisturization is the last thing that any person prefers to have. But oily skin too needs moisturization especially before applying makeup. To set up makeup for long hours, celebrities makeup artists know the value of moisturization. One of the tricks that they use for moisturization of oily skin is the use of setting spray before the base. Yes, it is right, the application of setting spray before base allows the makeup to set up long hours. In addition, it keeps the skin hydrated and does not allow excess oil to appear on the skin.



Choose Your Foundation Wisely

The right base is very important for your whole makeup and foundation plays a critical role in it. Selecting the right shade product is not easy at all. Today, foundations are available at stores as well as online but some people even get deceived easily without having proper knowledge of selecting the right shade.

The fluorescent lighting at the store generally deceives people while analysing different shades of foundation. Many celebrity experts have suggested that while selecting any foundation try to check the foundation shade in natural light. You can also take the picture away from the bright fluorescent light before selecting your final shade. This will help to select the best shade that goes round the clock.


No makeup or natural makeup look also requires some makeup

Do you remember the Dipika Padukone no makeup or natural makeup look in Bajirao Mastani. People appreciated the natural and no makeup look of Dipika and now it has become a new trend which is liked and followed by Sonam Kapoor, Malika Arora Khan, Karine Kapoor Khan and many other celebrities. According to their makeup artist, they use vaseline as a base to provide a shimmery face. Thereafter, take the light shade cosmetic products for the application. No makeup look is not as easy as people usually think. It requires great skill and if you think you need some help then taking a makeup artistry course or online makeup course will be smart choices. 

How to apply concealer with consistency?

Dark circles and pigmentation are something that most people are suffering from. Celebrities have very busy schedules and because of inadequate sleep, most of them are prone to dark circles. Their makeup experts share the secrets of using eye cream before applying concealer for the perfect consistency of concealer. 

This allows the concealer to stay perfect in place without creasing. While the other secret is to set the concealer using loose translucent powder with a puff, not with a brush. A brush will not let the eye cream set with consistency.


How to get perfect winged eyeliner?

Do you always wonder how a celebrity always gets a perfect winged eyeliner but even after trying hard you always get two different shapes and sizes of eyeliner wings? One of the celebrity makeup artists revealed the secrets for getting perfect winged eyeliner. Before applying eyeliner, instead of closing your eyes, keep it open and stare straight ahead into the mirror. Thereafter, draw the angular wing on the outer corner of both eyes. Thereafter, close the eyes alternatively and connect the wings to the lash line of both eyes.


Try pink or red for fuller lips

If you want bigger fuller lips instant then playing with colours is the best way to do it. Celebrity makeup artists suggest the use of pink or red lip liner and dark lipstick shades.

First, you should apply dark or pink liner and then apply the dark lipstick at the centre and below the cupid’s bow. Thereafter bend it outward with a brush. This trick is perfect to provide the illusion of bigger and fuller lips.

There are many tips and tricks of celebrity makeup artists that always help them to remain the leading makeup artist in the industry. If you are also inspired to become one among them and live a highly rich and famous life then FashionTV Salon Academy is the right platform for you. It is an international salon academy that provides online and in academy beauty courses, makeup artistry courses, and other 100+ courses. This salon academy provides an international certificate accredited from the higher education body of France with Student Salon benefits. Its certificate opens the door for national and international platforms with regular exposure to fashion shows, ramp walks and events that students get regularly in this salon academy.

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