April 9, 2022

Prospects of Fashion TV Salon Academy, the International educational platform

Prospects of Fashion TV Salon Academy, the International educational platform

Fashion TV Salon Academy is a part of  Fashion TV Paris and is functioning with the aim to build professionals for the beauty and Fashion industry. We are offering a range of courses under the Hair Design & Techno, FTV School of Makeup Artistry, FTV School of Beauty Sciences, FTV School of Nail Art & Extension, FTV School of Ayurveda, FTV School of Spa Therapies, FTV School of  Aesthetics, FTV School of Salon Management, FTV School of Cosmetics and FTV School of Internal Beauty and Wellness.The aspirants of these fields can opt for degree, diploma, certificate or short-term courses, to embark their journey in a successful manner. 

Moreover, FTV Salon Academy aims to train and nurture talent who will be renowned names of the future in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and entertainment industry. The training and certificates which students will receive are going to be highly effective in their careers and making their dreams come true. The students will receive training which is going to be of international standards, along with hands on experience from the best in the fashion industry. The combination of best training with a futuristic strategy and practical experience is going to open doors for a worldwide reach.

FTV is a renowned name in the international arena of beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Thus, getting trained at the FTV Salon Academy helps young talents to become world-class celebrity artists, where you can find all the latest fashion and beauty trends that will help you keep up with what is going on in the cosmetics and beauty world. The courses provide the necessary professional knowledge and credibility required for students to stand out and move forward in the industry.

Some salient features of Fashion TV Salon Academy

FTV has the vision of making the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle industry truly global.

FTV Salon Academy provides International level training and certificates to students for their bright future             

It is the center of knowledge and accessibility.

It is the international platform for growth, exposure, and reach for fashion enthusiasts.

FTV Salon Academy experts teach International beauty, Make and Hair courses from basic,advanced to super ultra levels. Here, you are going to have comprehensive knowledge in particular subjects of your choice with hands-on training and live experience on customers.The Huge opportunity for both beginners and professionals who wish to refresh their skills in beauty, Hair and Makeup and set a deep footprint in the market. No previous beauty knowledge is required. Because we are waiting for you to make you an expert.

As a matter of fact we believe in Skill training programmes open for everyone no matter graduate, undergraduate in school or college. We welcome all those who are passionate, creative and versatile. Fashion TV Salon Academy is the only platform that helps to create scope and opportunities for youngsters, married or unmarried by developing his/her talent and enhancing skills and know-how. The emphasis of skill training is to provide proper training and workshops that will support and guide the employees in their chosen field. So, come and join today!! And Live your dreams forever!

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