Online Learning Program

We know the first question which comes to your mind after hearing about online learning programs is “How is it possible in case of beauty education where practical is the essence of everything?” Yes! you are absolutely right to ask this question as this was the same curious doubt everyone might have had before the introduction of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and the Internet of Things in Education. With no delay in time, we had put our global research team of best software engineers, teachers to design online education modules and after a long array of efforts, we are proud to announce that yes, we are the first to do it in India.

These online classes are a blessing to those who live or work at distances far away from our academies and who are willing to learn skills and earn a diploma in beauty education from the market leaders of the Fashion & Beauty Industry. These classes will serve the purpose of taking our teachings to every corner of the world and produce finest quality professionals even from the smallest of streets.

By introducing 100% interactive online and hybrid learning, programs for the first time in India, we provide you the wholesome learning experience at the comfort of your home & time. We have a ready Artificial Intelligence-based platform which may be utilized to deliver the 100% real digital learning and get you skilled even through distance.

These classes will be completely interactive and you will be provided credits and accreditations on fulfilment of given practical tasks also we will provide an exclusive online faculty to be available for your doubts throughout the course period.

You will have an option to choose and blend among various options of online recorded and live interactive sessions. You will also get an opportunity to have a feel and experience of the physical classroom sessions in your nearby academy depending upon your need and schedules of availability.

So, enjoy this freedom of learning at your time, your way and at your pace and comfort. And begin your journey towards becoming a certified beautician.


At F Salon Academy we never let our students run out of skills, which are needed to sustain as a world-class beauty professional in the market. Our students are never left to fight a battle on their own, and in a sector like “Beauty and Wellness” the battle to equip yourself with new skills is never over. This industry demands a new set of skills now and then in such situations, no course is enough to teach you all the required skills in a fixed time period. That is why F Salon Academy courses come with a unique Free Lifetime Learning program, in which students can learn and grab new skills, fully free of cost, at any F Salon academy nationwide or online by attending selective complementary workshops at any time of their lives, even after being an ex-student.

You will be regularly notified of these special free workshops on your updated mobile number and email id about the upcoming new trends and technologies in your domain of expertise and you will be able to enjoy these learnings without paying even a single penny more

Not only these, besides our free courses, you will also be able to look for alumni scholarships for customised learnings in future, which you will love to do along with your job in a weekend batch with us. We run a unique concept of one/two-day weekend batches to ensure advanced learning to those who just did learn basics only in the past for unavoidable reasons and want themselves to have higher skills along with a job.

So, when associated with us you are never short on skills required to meet the demands of the beauty and wellness industry.


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