December 3, 2021

Latest Winter & 2022 Nail Polish Trends

Latest Winter & 2022 Nail Polish Trends

Winter is around and with the heavy sweaters and jackets nail polish is something that will keep your hand warm ultimately with the latest fashion trends. During the winter season nail polish and hairstyle is something that is most visible to other people. Here, we are going to update you about the latest trends of nail art that are rocking in this winter season. Plus, new trends of 2022 nail art. 


Indie Nails

This winter season indie nail is something that attracts the attention of most ladies and its search on the internet is more than any other nail art. In this method, a nail art artist applies different designs on different fingers. For providing a completely new look to nail polish, indie look is the first choice of many ladies. You can easily design it at your home. To apply this design, you are just required to apply different beautiful colour as a base and then design it with different colour combinations and glitters. The more creative you are, the more designs are going to emerge. For new designs, you can take the help of students’ work of Nail Art and Extension Course at FTV Salon Academy.


Velvet Nail

Velvet is the name of a fabric that you have seen many times. As the name indicates, velvet nail polish is a glittery metallic shade on the nails that resembles velvet. If you want to get an international velvet look then apply the holographic nail polish with a shiny topcoat. It is easy to apply at home but for perfect finishing, you can visit near FTV Salon where highly professional experts, after doing professional nail art and extension courses, waiting for you to provide a celebrity-like experience. While you should scroll down to know about some of the latest trends of nail polish. You can go formate, updated mate and with many more options.

French Manicure

French Tip nails are going to come back once again. French manicure tips with different variations are among the 2022 latest trends of nail polish. The old design consists of a perfect combination of nude colour and classy white nail polish on the tip. While the new trends of french manicure include nude nail polish with a different colour on the tip. Additionally, you can add dots on the tips colour which makes this design unique on its own.


The Dark Shade Of Pink

2022 has brought vibrant and dark pink colour in style for nail polish. Pink is always ladies favourite colour but till now they prefer to apply nude or light pink. This season various fashionable nail artists have opted for dark pink colours in various fashion shows. You can experiment with dark pink colours by applying your creativity and going through various designs available on the internet. For best outcomes, you can go for free online nail art courses at FTV Salon Academy.



Coffin Nails

Almond-shaped nails are highly famous all around the world and are something that has become an all-time favourite of ladies. This season you’re going to see coffin nails with metallic nail polish, chrome metallic winter tones, and specific grey texture. A person can never be satisfied with the designs if you truly like applying nail polish. If you want to regularly opt for new designs then take the help of free nail art and extension courses by FTV Salon Academy. This will help you to try several designs at your home only.

Texture on Texture

This winter goes with texture on texture nail polish design. There are lots of textures on texture designs to choose from. Going for designs according to what you are wearing is the best to match the latest fashion trends. Adding sweater texture, cable knit texture by adding chains and stones are the best eye-catching designs that you can opt for. You can try this design easily at home or you can take the help of FashionTV Salon as well. Additionally, jewellery designs inspired by Cardi B are also an advanced part of this design.

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