December 3, 2021



Beauty is power and the right makeup is the method to enhance it. Every woman loves to do makeup and they always remain energized and motivated about Makeup. Additionally, they always follow celebrity makeup to be stylish and modern. Looking for new Makeup Trends of 2022, recent Spring ramp walk shows 2022 of FashionTV have brought us inspirational and incredible makeup trends. Application of makeup requires a special skill set and if you want to follow the latest trends of makeup and have finishing like a makeup artist then pursuing a makeup course is a smart option. Be the master of the latest trends of 2022 with a free online makeup course at FTV Salon Academy. Before that, here we have brought the main makeup highlights of Makeup Trends of 2022. Their main focus was to bring cinematic beauty and modern trends with shimmery, glittery and long edge eye makeup.

After going through various ramp walks of FashionTV, Instagram posts, celebrity looks, etc we have brought the hottest and latest trend of makeup that you will love to follow. From nude and pastel makeup to glossy lips brought life on the ramp once again after the pandemic. Have a look at some of the latest spring makeup trends of 2022.

Glitter Galore Makeup Trends

Once again, Parada has returned to the Italian Fashion house that suits all. It includes a flakes-shaped colouring, whatever you like from the centre of the eyelid to the outside corner of the eye with a little bit of shimmer, glitter or stone. Parada makeup always symbolizes femininity and the artist has brought strong eye makeup with neon, glitter and shimmery bold eyes. The best thing about this eye makeup is that it is easy to use. If you know how to use a brush then even without previous knowledge of professional makeup courses you can do it. It is trendy both day and night, you just need to add extra shimmer at night.





Ingie makeup is inspired by party and rocking makeup which is also a kind of spontaneous makeup. It is a beautiful eye makeup with a perfect combination of shimmery yellow and navy blue colour. Navy Blue liner stroke at the outer edge and yellow colour with a little bit shimmer at the inner corner of the eye to make it sparkling and a lot of mascara to just finish this makeup. It is one of the new, realistic, and spectacular eye makeup that is going to bring new trends to the beauty industry.





Super simple but on the other hand catchy to attract the attention of people easily. Tap on the corner of the eye with glitter, a little smudging with your finger not precisely. A little glitter on the inner corner of the eye and you are finished with this eye makeup. It is glitter-embellished eye makeup. The new 2022 makeup trends have brought lots of shiny glitters & colours and you should not let yourself behind by experimenting with colours. If you think you need a little brush up on your skill then you can do the same with a one or two days free online makeup course at FTV Salon Academy.





Pastel eyeshadow is the latest trend of eye makeup that has made its place in the new makeup trends of 2022. The application of soft shade colour on the eyelid has made this makeup highly popular and it is suitable round the clock. In Paris Fashion Week, models wore pastel colours like soft pink, purple, blue, orange on their eyelids. Within a few weeks, this makeup has become highly popular among celebrities and people who love to go with new trends. Makeup is an art, if you love to experiment with makeup but are lacking somewhere then you can learn the new trends of makeup almost free with FTV Salon Academy free online makeup courses.

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