April 14, 2022

Benefits of Wax Hydrating Treatment

Benefits of Wax Hydrating Treatment

The homegrown paraffin treatment is a narcotic, hydrating treatment used principally for developed skin types and for extremely dry skin. The physiological reaction delivers a pulping activity in the dermal and epidermal tissue, which limits shallow wrinkles and fine lines, and creates a youthful and glowing skin. It has a fixing and conditioning remedial impact. It assists with cutting down aging signs of the face, loosens up sore and tired muscles, hydrates skin making it delicate and smooth. Warm paraffin wax applied to skin causes the veins to extend and hence helps flushing impurities out from skin.

Some of the best products that can be used are Sandal/Wild Turmeric, Astringent/Rose water, Oatmeal scour/Almond Scrub, Pista/Cydonia Cream, Paraffin Wax for good results. The machine used in the process is Studio Center. It is only appropriate for Dry Skin and Aging Skin type. All  these beauty treatments are covered by Fashion TV Salon Academy in Delhi. Our beauty Academy believes in skill training programmes and welcomes all those who are passionate, creative and versatile. Fashion TV Salon Academy is the only platform that helps to create scope and opportunities for youngsters. 


After the customer is ready to proceed with treatment. Asked them to change

their clothes and lay on bed comfortably. Before proceeding you should clean

your hand properly. Thereafter, complete 2 minutes of harmonization, wrapping

with a medium towel and dispensable headband covering the hairline.

  • Clean face and neck with damp cotton, and with a reasonable chemical and

afterwards tone with suitable toner.

  • Apply Rosewater for conditioning of skin in spotting movement.
  • Apply Oatmeal scour or Almond and then start cleaning of face with blending

with milk. Leave to clean for 2-3 minutes. Delicately rub with fingertips or

use format brush for 2-3 minutes (don’t utilize a frimator for touchy skin). Wipe

face using clammy cotton.

  • Put cotton strips soaked in absorb soft drink bicarbonate arrangement over the

face in 3 strips (1 tsp blended in 250 ml warm water) whenever required. Give

steam for 5-7 minutes or according to necessity. Remove wrinkles and fine


  • Massage with any rich cream (e,g. Pista or Cydonia cream) for 15-20 minutes

and follow the process with rubbing back.

  • Apply a thin layer of cream or oil all over the face. Put dressing swathe strips

socked in fluid warm wax over face in 4 strips, dodge eye and lip territory.

  • Warm paraffin wax is tenderly brushed over whole face and neck, rehash the

procedure to finish a genuinely thick veil.

  • Allow the cover to stay on the skin for approximately 15-20 minutes to get full

advantages of the treatment. Give infrared light for 5 minutes.

  • After the cover is cooled it need to be evacuated in one piece by lifting it

cautiously from the skin. Wipe clean.

  • Complete the facial by applying ML salve cream followed by sunscreen as

indicated by skin type.

Proceeding towards the finishing steps remove the headband and help the customer to sit up. Give a loosening up knead pressure over the back to help the customer to feel relaxed.

Delicate Skills: Ask the customer how she/he is feeling. Offer a glass of water/lime

juice. Help in getting off the bed and escort to the evolving room. Hold up the gate

handle till the customer comes out; offer a brush/any preparing help and handover

the customer has very own effects assuming any. Grin and escort the customer to the

gathering/charging region. Fix her/his next arrangement. With a grin, express

gratitude toward him/her for visiting and wish a decent day.

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