January 27, 2018

Beauty education is gonna rock the world

Beauty education is gonna rock the world

FTV Salon Academy Way

Since 1997 FashionTV has been people’s favourite one-stop destination for fashion and lifestyle broadcasting, as it has been successfully captivating the eyes of people who are fascinated by new fashion, beauty, and glamorous trends. Being the leader of fashion for years, Fashion TV wanted to explore further and understand the needs of the youth so that they can help them build a remarkable journey of their own, thus launching FashionTV Salon Academy (F Salon Academy). 

FTV Salon Academy aims to provide best beauty courses in which students will get world-class training with the use of the best of the latest technologies and ensure that it competes worldwide and give Indian industries the status of true global domination in the beauty industry. Not only this, but FTV Salon Academy’s also unique approach to provide beauty education by combining the best online and in-class lessons in professional nail art courses, beauty courses, hairdressing courses, diploma in Ayurveda, and various other cosmetic courses to people who don’t get sufficient time to attend classes and fulfil their dreams will be a boon as it will create more opportunities for people to study and shape their careers using the very best of their potential and resources. The initiative of FTV Salon Academy is to eliminate job by providing 1 billion jobs across India. As FTV Salon Academy targets to produce highly skilled workers, entrepreneurs and global leaders pan India by 2022 to help India raise its bar in the beauty and wellness sector by providing top-notch training in beauty courses, it is essential to know what beauty education is and of its factors and concepts.

What is beauty education?

Beauty education is the concept of learning various ethics and usefulness of beauty courses such as nail art extension, Ayurveda, spa, aesthetics, cosmetology, etc in our daily lifestyle and in business world. It is an open secret that in our day to day lives, we try to ensure that we are properly groomed and looking our best from head to toe as it gives a sense of confidence in us to seize the day. Taking adequate care and maintenance of our face and the entire body is an essential element to live a healthy lifestyle. That’s how the concept of beauty courses play a vital role in our day to day lives. Beauty education isn’t just about simply applying makeup and styling ourselves or anyone. It’s more than that. It’s also about being up to date with the latest trends.

For someone who isn’t even remotely interested in a career in the beauty industry, it’s also important for them to have knowledge about beauty education. As beauty education encourages personal grooming and self-maintenance of their hair, skin and beauty, nail, health, and wellness, etc it is an important part that plays a huge role in one’s overall look both in and out.

It is important to note that beauty courses a wide range of topics ranging from understanding the concept of different skin variations and colours, our bone structures, facial structures, the process of ageing, etc so that we can make a perfect balance out of it. To elaborate further, FTV Salon Academy is providing insights of some of the courses it offers along with the various factors of beauty education. 

Courses ofeed by FTV Salon Academy

Keeping its tradition of producing excellent employees, FTV Salon Academy will carry forward the tradition of grooming the candidates and bringing out their best version to match the grace and aura of a standard premium industry at the world-class level.

  • Hair Design & Technology

Students in FTV Salon Academy thoroughly guided by faculties step by step to make sure that they deliver the excellence of the training provided to them. We provide hair stylist course, advanced hair cutting, hair cutting course, hairdressing courses. This hair academy is best in Delhi.

  • Makeup Artistry 

Makeup is mandatory to use in our everyday lives. In FTV Salon Academy students will get to know how to perfectly blend the colours, foundations, blushers, etc with adequate skills that are the secret mantras to nail the work. We provide makeup courses, makeup artist course, professional makeup courses etc. The professional makeup artist course fees of our academy are very less as compared to another institute. Although, it is No.1 makeup artist institute on Delhi.

  •  Nail Art & Extensions

Learning how to take proper care, cleanliness and regular maintenance of our finger and foot nails are extremely important as nails can be carriers of various diseases. FTV Salon Academy is providing you with the opportunity to master all kinds of nail works, pedicures, manicures, etc. 

  • Skin Care & Beauty Therapy

Giving the best care possible to our skin is the desired element. FTV Salon Academy is committed to train and give the students the best knowledge regarding skincare and beauty therapies. 

Some other important courses offered are

  • Cosmetology
  • Ayurveda Therapy 
  • Spa Therapy
  • Aesthetics 
  • Nutrition and Wellness

These courses will have a duration ranging from one week to two years depending on whether the student wants to get training for the short term or long term.

Why choose FTV Salon Academy?

FTV Salon Academy has integrity core values and respects the variations in human forms and status, thus it is a huge opportunity for people belonging to differently abled groups, third gender fraternity, underprivileged or uneducated citizens, housewives or women willing to start their careers, unemployed people, etc by providing them 100% job guarantee on selected courses and 100% job assistance on all courses with international roles as well. They will get a chance to have exclusive and first of its kind international workshops and internships which will play a vital role in their all-around career growth.

With ample opportunities directed to give Indians a chance to excel in the beauty industry, which is currently lacking badly in India, FTV Salon Academy is brin ging a revolutionary movement and indeed, going to rock the world with its beauty courses.

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