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About Us


Being an experienced expert in this industry for years, we know the value of qualified professionals for the faster & better growth of the industry. Through Fashion Salon Academies, we hope to achieve the long-expected goal of giving the industry it’s finest quality of professionals.

Michel Adam

Background of Michel Adam

Michel Adam was born on April 16 in Warsaw and is of Jewish descent. He moved to Vienna in 1958 along with his family. Later he was granted a scholarship for Mathematics at Princeton University. Fashion has always been closer to his heart.

Michel Adam later started his own franchise “love-of-cafe” in various European cities such as Monaco and Milan. He returned to Vienna with the opening of the café on the ground floor of the Hotel Bristol next to the opera house in 2013, which became very popular among the fashion community. This café became the popular destination for many fashion shows, afterparties and other fashion events. This is how Michel Adam put the foundation of FashionTV’s massive empire.

Journey of Michel Adam

His journey began many years ago when he travelled from Poland to Vienna and decided to venture into a subject that was the closest to his heart which is Fashion. He started with the idea of Caf Fashion, which became a huge hit with people from the fashion world. He started his own textile business in Thailand under a company called the Eden Group. Before he started Fashion TV, he opened Caf Fashion, one of his most successful projects. It started as a way for people from the fashion industry to hang out, this led Lisowski to come up with a channel dedicated 24*7 to fashion and this led to the birth of FashionTV. Today, Fashion TV is loved globally and is the world’s largest fashion media.


With Indian subcontinent serving global markets as a prominent supplier of services and skilled resources, it has become pertinent for Indian beauty & wellness sector to showcase its immense capacity to garner world-class skilled resources.

We are pleased to announce that Fashion TV with its social footprints in India, has taken the onus of polishing Indian youths to the international standards of salon industry and enrich the domestic beauty & wellness market by infusing global research & development advancements through F Salon Academy.I wish a very successful India experience of F Salon Academy to all our stakeholders

Kashiff khan
Managing Director
Fashion TV Ltd


F Salon Academy from the house of FashionTV Paris, focuses on international level vocational education in major departments of the beauty & wellness sector. It has been since many years that Indian beauty industry is deprived of international standards. We have focused to reincarnate the whole Indian concept of beauty services in order to match the high end consumer expectations. Only well-trained manpower may make this dream true.
Our academies are full of innovations & learning pedagogy has been so scientifically designed that our pass out students shall be able to do a lot of value addition to the industry. The academies ensures that the students shall be able to get the world-class experience in a realistic look and feel of the environment. We shall be able to create professionals and entrepreneurs who would innovate and disburse knowledge around the world.

Dr. Prachi Kaushik
Chief Executive Officer
FTV Salon Academy


After a remarkable journey of becoming an indispensable fashion channel and years of expertise in the fashion & beauty industry and many other verticals, FTV being a responsible citizen felt its duty to provide employment opportunities for the youth to shape their careers and hence, inaugurated its entrepreneurship venture as “FASHION TV SALON ACADEMY“.

FTV is an established brand in the fashion & beauty market as it understands the requirements of the fashion & beauty industry. FTV aims at producing a workforce of certified professionals from India who are ready to meet the growing demands of skilled professionals in the beauty and wellness industry.


We aim at building an International standard Beauty and Wellness training academies in India by using the experience of Fashion TV. It has its presence in 196+ countries and is truly a leader in the Beauty and Wellness Industry. We will always ensure about providing supreme quality training and placements to our students through our state-of-the-art teaching programs and institutes. Our main focus in every academy will be to provide appropriate cosmetology training, practical knowledge, practice, and the minutest of know-how of International beauty standards to our students.


Our vision is to make India a hub for skilled Beauty and Wellness professionals who can meet the growing demands and standards of professionalism in this Industry, by abiding and fulfilling International standards.
FTV believes in creating an adequate, responsive and up-to-date learning environment for aspiring makeup artists, salon specialists, nail artists, ayurveda enthusiasts, spa therapists to learn and acquire the skills needed to pursue a career in the beauty and wellness industry.


We aim to build one of its kind, versatile and student-friendly Beauty and Wellness Academies with a knowledge rich learning experience. We aspire to provide our students with beautician courses, training faculty and the latest equipment. This will enable an opportunity for them to be thoroughly prepared for the world of the Beauty and Wellness Industry. We aim to utilize and follow FTV’s glamour and beliefs respectively, in order to provide our students access to International beauty events and “Fashion Weeks” and land them as celebrity makeup artists in Milan, New York, Tokyo, London “Fashion Weeks”.


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